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Dzulkiflee Taib
CEO, Matchybte
"We're meeting the needs of the growing number of Low Cost Carriers who recognise that their online reservation systems should prioritise both profit margins and customer satisfaction - and we're proud to be improving their results all round!"

Dzulkiflee Taib
CEO, Matchybte

Who Is Matchbyte?

Matchbyte is an accomplished and ambitious team of technology professionals with over 50 years of combined airline and commercial software experience.

Uniting to develop highly customisable and cost effective software solutions, the Matchbyte team has proven that boosting profit margins and providing a seamless customer experience are not mutually exclusive.

Relationships are everything

Matchbyte puts its customers at the heart of its business. Matchbyte listens to your needs and responds quickly and creatively to changes, time constraints and financial targets.

With an emphasis on performance measurement, fast yet rigorously tested deployment, and sustainable growth, Matchbyte is perfectly placed to provide outstanding solutions to startups and established Low cost carriers. 

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