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Aegis|Air's advanced behaviour recognition algorithm bullet proofs your booking engine from price scraper bots.

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  • Deployed in front of Airline IBE load balancer and hosted by Matchbyte in the cloud
  • Behaviour recognition algorithms identify bots to secure your site and booking engine.
  • Reduced LTBR by diverting scraping bots to a fake booking engine with dummy data. 
  • Enhances IBE performance so real customers can convert faster.


Airline websites are scraped on a daily basis by bots to access their fare information. Our experience tells us that up to 60% of web traffic is from Bots. The problem for airlines is that every time scrapers access the booking engine they are hit with huge Look to Book Ratio (LTBR) charges from their providers. Traditional providers generally block bots by IP address.
The issue with this is that the bots create another IP and attack again straight away. Matchbyte’s solution takes a new approach, which identifies bots and feeds dummy data. This tricks the bots so they believe they are getting the data they desire. Aegis|Air has been developed to protect booking engines and save airlines huge amounts of money.

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