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Data is a powerful tool. Matchbyte's adaptable reporting solution easily and instantly places data at your finger tips - allowing you to identify problems and opportunities that have real impact on achieving your goals.

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Bring your data to life, reduce errors and automate critical revenue recognition processes.

Gain fast and actionable insights into business performance through Rev|Air's easy-to-use management dashboards and rich graphic visualisations. Optimised for mobile and tablets, Rev|Air presents at-a-glance data and integrates business specific rules and a catalogue of web services with your information system.

Rev|Air enables faster, deeper and better business decision making all round.


Benefits include instant access to historical and future views of deferred and recognised revenue streams; handling of no-shows; flown document process and critical reports such as interline and code share billing, KPI reporting; load factor; RASK; % of flights delayed and much more. 

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